Membership benefits

Your membership and participation will deliver these important benefits

Blockchain-Based Bill of Lading (B/L) Documents for Global Trade $150,000

Offering a Single Bills of Lading to all the members, please ask for the details as a separate agreement needs to be signed for the use of that Bill of lading, with financial obligations. Do send message to for more details.

Insuring your supply chain, including handling and order processing $50,000

We know the logistics business is changing every day. You need a coverage form that works as hard as you do. That’s why we designed and built Logistics Services Coverage Solutions, which protects your operation. That is a Debit insurance coverage in a very nominal annual cost.

Contact for more details insurance@bridgingLogPro.Pro


Connecting with valuable contacts and making new ones


Putting your organization at the forefront of the industry

Instant Access

Global Partners and Major members all fully verified, we are making sure to have good companies on-board for day to day working.

All Verified members are marked as Verified visibly and you can work with them with out having any issues.

Do send e-mail for more details: verification@bridgingLogPro.Pro

Resolution Panel

Neutral dispute resolution panel You will no longer face the disappointment of being unable to tender for the largest contracts;

Our experienced team of experts will help you out to resolve issues with in the members and their decision will be final with acceptance for day to day operations / sales / Financial issues.

Contact: dispute-committee@bridgingLogPro.Pro 

Business and industry growth

Lowering costs and increasing vendor choices through support for standards and industry interoperability.


Exploring new ways of approaching common business goals.


Unlimited business opportunity with small investment


The group is dedicated for members Improvement

Low membership

Low membership cost comparing to other similar networks

Verified membership

program which improve the accreditation

Members meeting

Members meeting allow plenty of opportunity for networking

Quick way

Quick way to improve business through eligible members

Global Insurance
with Lower Cost

Protection Plan

Global Network and members
from 128+ countries

Global Network and members
from 128+ countries

Annual Meetings Gallery

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“The event is for Bridging LogPro (a Global Logistics Alliance) members, Global Freight Forwarders, Logistics, Shipping and Chartering agents, who are supporting each other from a long time by doing exchange business.”
Nathan MacFadyen
CTO - Aries Global Logistics